How To Measure Current With Oscilloscope

how to measure current with oscilloscope

Although oscilloscopes are devices typically used for voltage measurements, not many people know that you can also use these contraptions on how to measure current with oscilloscope. Of course, the first measuring tool of choice for taking precise measurements of electric current would certainly be the ammeter, a specialized device that can give you accurate … Read more

How Thick is a Piece of Paper

Thickness of a Piece of Paper

Throughout the history of human beings, writing has always been a way of conveying messages. Traditionally prehistoric people used to write and draw on cave walls as a way of passing on information to the next generation and educate their kids on the methods of survival. This moral instinct of education led to papyrus and … Read more

Importance of Science in Everyday Life

science in everyday life

Science refers to the knowledge one gains by systematically studying both the physical and natural world’s behavior and structure by observing and carrying out experiments. Examples of natural sciences include chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, and biology. When carrying out their research, the knowledge scientists acquire can be theories, accurate facts, or scientific laws. Through the … Read more

How to Measure Weather

how to measure weather conditions

One of the first things you are likely to do every morning is to look out of your window to see what the weather is like. Looking outside and listening to every day’s forecast often helps you decide what to wear and maybe the activities you will take part in throughout the day. The weather … Read more

How a Reflecting Telescope Works

how does a reflecting telescope work

Have you always wondered what planets exist beyond earth? Yes, you might have learned that there are other planets like Mars and Jupiter but never gotten the chance to see one. Humans and space bodies have been united through telescopes, a gadget that astronauts have greatly used to explore what exists beyond the great blue … Read more

Types of Ionizing Radiation

ionizing radiation

An atom is the tiniest unit that builds up a matter. It is made up of a nucleus and consists of protons and neutrons. The component has electrons in its surrounding that attain an orbital behavior within the nucleus. The number of protons presents checks for oxygen and hydrogen elements, whereas the number of neutrons … Read more

How do Eels Generate Electricity

how do electric eels generate electrical current

Are you curious about the vast array of species that exist under the oceans? Are you curious about Eels and how they generate their electrical charges?  Eels are species that have lived under the sea for many generations. Eels are a type of fish that have long bodies that have a close resemblance to a … Read more

LCR Meter Vs Multimeter

lcr meter vs multimeter

At first, you may confuse the LCR meter and multimeter because they are all used for measuring. If you don’t use the right instrument, it can cause a problem during work. This article will let you know the difference between Multimeter and LCR meters. What is Multimeter? The multimeter combines a variety of measurements in … Read more

What Is an Oscilloscope Used for – Expert Guide


Oscilloscopes are instruments used in the laboratory which is used to analyze waves of electronic signals.It has a small screen that displays the results in the form of graphs of instantaneous signal voltage as a function of time, and in simple words, it’s a voltage versus time graph, and they are usually called waveforms. And … Read more

What Is Frequency Oscilloscope?


Oscilloscope, also known as O-scope or simply just scope informally, is an incredibly useful tool for engineers and regular people alike. It is used to display the varying signal voltages of an electric signal and how it changes over time. An oscilloscope’s bandwidth is what represents the frequency of it. So when we are talking … Read more