Types of Ionizing Radiation

ionizing radiation

An atom is the tiniest unit that builds up a matter. It is made up of a nucleus and consists of protons and neutrons. The component has electrons in its surrounding that attain an orbital behavior within the nucleus. The number of protons presents checks for oxygen and hydrogen elements, whereas the number of neutrons … Read more

How do Eels Generate Electricity

how do electric eels generate electrical current

Are you curious about the vast array of species that exist under the oceans? Are you curious about Eels and how they generate their electrical charges?  Eels are species that have lived under the sea for many generations. Eels are a type of fish that have long bodies that have a close resemblance to a … Read more

5 Best Skinfold Calipers

Best calipers for measuring body fat

Running and exercising is one of the difficult things to do, but what is even more harder losing weight- which is why the best skinfold calipers are necessary if you are really serious about shredding fat and staying motivated to do so. When losing weight you cannot just concentrate on the number on the scale … Read more

Best Digital Inclinometer

best inclinometer

Regardless of whether you are a carpenter or just someone who is about to do some work in your home, the best digital inclinometer is perhaps one of the most valuable devices that you can have. They are utilized for works such as cutting angles. You will need a digital inclinometer at some point in … Read more

Best Vernier Calipers

digital vernier caliper

You can’t deny that some tasks require accurate measurements, whether you’re a regular homeowner working on renovation projects or a professional engineer. Accurate measurements are so important in these circumstances that even a single mismeasurement initially can ruin a fitting and compromise the overall success of a project. A vernier caliper is an ideal solution … Read more

Best Digital Angle Finder

gemred digital angle finder

An angle finder, commonly known as an angle gauge or miter protractor, is one of the most important tools starting from a professional carpenter to a hobbyist DIY wood craftsman. Though you can measure the angles using scale and compass, but who takes this much of a hassle when you have an effortless solution. A … Read more

Best Glass Thermometer

glass medical thermometer

Back a few years ago, glass thermometers were quite popular for checking the temperature. Nowadays, the plastic or digital thermometer has mostly taken the glass thermometer’s place. But those cannot match the accuracy level of determining the temperature of glass thermometers. However, there are still some cases where glass thermometers are still used, such as … Read more

Best EMF Meters

professional emf meter

We can’t let go of the best emf meters when we are facing troubleshooting problems. Many of us fail to identify the right emf meters and where they stand. They are one of the most sophisticated instruments which are used to measure electromagnetic fields. It often becomes a horrible situation when your meter fails to … Read more

Best Pulse Oximeter Reviews

best pulse oximeter

The best pulse oximeter is the only substitute when it’s about checking your heart rate and oxygen levels safely. If you want to monitor your oxygen saturation levels over time, I will suggest you go for a top-notch oximeter. You will get peace of mind with chronic respiratory and assess the need for supplemental oxygen. … Read more

Best Spectrum Analyzer

best spectrum analyzer

A spectrum analyzer is a digital device or graphical instrument. It is operated to measure, analyze & visualize RF signals over a certain range of frequency. The use of these instruments are quite wide. From analysts, technicians, academics to hobbyists most of them are vastly dependent on this specially designed device. Therefore, having the best … Read more